Two kinds of memberships are provided on Letmesese-B2B International Trading Platform: Basic Membership and Business Membership. Basic Membership is free of charge, while Business Membership has to be purchased.

  1. Basic Member:

    You can become a Basic Member by submitting online application. Once your application is approved, you can enjoy the services as a Basic Member. The services include: permission to view product information, view product images, make product inquiries, edit your personal profile, etc.

  2. Business Member:

    To become a Business Member, it is required to complete online application first. After submission of online application, our staff will contact you for further details, such as company information and contact information.

    Once our staff has reviewed and given approval to your application, the platform will provide you services exclusively for Business Member, which not only include all the services as a Basic Member; but also, Business Member will be given a brand page, which your company has the right to its usage, but does not claim its ownership. Business Member can adjust the content on the provided brand page (including to add, to delete, and to edit brand’s product information), reply to inquiries and manage account information.

  3. Apply for Business Membership: Please select "Apply for Business Membership"

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