Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was updated on March 20, 2020

Kasser Integrated Marketing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) holds absolute respect and provides maximum support for privacy protection and personal data maintenance.
Thank you for using the Letmesese-B2B global economic and trade promotion platform provided by our company. To help users understand how our company collects, uses, and protects the personal information you provide, please read the following provisions (hereinafter referred to as “the policy”) before you register and use our services.

  1. I. General Information

    By registering or using the website owned and operated by the company, or any related application (hereinafter referred to as "Letmesese-B2B global economic and trade promotion platform" or "the platform service,") the user expressly agrees to accept or is authorized to agree to all the following privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “policy.”) This policy describes how user information will be collected and used by Kasser Integrated Marketing Co., Ltd. and its affiliates when users use the platform services or when users interact with the company in other ways. The company has the right to change this privacy policy at any time. In order to protect users' privacy, we recommend that you check and understand our latest privacy policy at all times.

  2. II. Collection, processing, and utilization of personal data

    1. Browsing and collection of personal data
    When users utilize the platform services, the company may collect the following information:

    • Identify individuals
    • Identifier in government data
    • Personal descriptions
    • Other social relations
    • Leisure life and interests
    • Lifestyle
    • Occupation
    • Property
    • School records
    • Publication
    • The agreement or contract, along with other details, are shown in the precautions for relevant activities or the contents of the relevant contract.
    • Other users' technical information arising from the use of this policy include cookies, IP addresses, search and browse information, device information, data tracking, login time, location, financial transaction information, information that can identify personal leisure activities, interests, lifestyle, etc., and other information provided by the user in order to utilize services.

    2. Processing and utilization of personal data

    • ①. General purpose

      Collection, processing, and utilization of personal data by a non-government agency in respect to legal obligation, contracts, similar contracts, or other legal relationship affairs, personal data of consumers in legitimate business transaction, customer management and services, domestic and foreign exchange of business and technical information, information services, information and database management, information security and management, online shopping and other e-commerce services, advertising or commercial activity management, film, music and media management survey, statistical analysis and research, other business in accordance with business registration projects or articles of association, other consulting and consulting services, including but not limited to the description and operation of applicable age class, classification attributes, rules, and the provision of updates, promotions or other activities notice, etc. to ensure the safety and integrity of products and services provided by the company.

    • ②. Advertisers and third-party services

      There may be hyperlinks to advertisers/third party websites, applications, or functions within the platform services. Users may choose to use the advertiser/third-party services appearing on the platform after assessing the risks on their own. This third-party service may interact with, connect with, or collect, and/or retrieve information (including but not limited to contact information) from users' data retained in this platform service. The platform service does not control, maintain, or guarantee for the above advertiser/third party service, any content of which interacts with the user, and the user agrees that the company shall not be responsible for the services, applications, functions of the third party and the damages it may cause.

    • ③. Exception

      The company will not arbitrarily provide, exchange, lease, or sell any user's personal data to any other person or organization except for specific use or purposes.
      However, the following cases are not defined by this rule.

      • A. When required by law or by an authorized order.。
      • B. When the user agrees in written consent that the company may use it.。
      • C. When the judicial organization requires the company to disclose specific personal data, the company will take the legal and formal procedures in compliance with judicial organization as well as make necessary cooperation for safety concerns of all users of the company.
      • D. When the user's behavior is at risk of damaging or impeding the rights and interests of users of this website, this platform or related third parties, or when the user has obviously violated the policies of this company. If the company believes that disclosing information is necessary for identification, contact or legal action against such person, the company may disclose the user's personal data.
      • E. When it is necessary for national security or public interest.
      • F. In order to provide users with other services or preferential rights and interests, when it is necessary to share users' data with the third party providing the service or preferential rights and interests, we will provide full explanation at the time of the activity, and notify users before data collection, when users accept the specific service or preferential rights and interests.

    3. Period, region, subject, and method of utilization

    • ①. Period of utilization

      Unless otherwise regulated by law, the company will only utilize user’s personal information till the user requests to stop or the company stops providing the service.

    • ②. Region of utilization

      Except as otherwise regulated by law, in principle, the company will only use the customer information when necessary for the operation, within the scope of the user's authorization during the period of business existence of the company and its affiliated enterprises and the area where the service can reach.

    • ③. Subjects of utilization

      This company, affiliates, business outsourcing agencies, and related cooperative manufacturers, or public/private institutions that have contractual relations or business contacts with the company due to business needs, or legally authorized institutions.

    • ④. Ways of utilization

      Comply with personal data protection laws and regulations to use automated machines or other non-automated means.

  3. III. Protection of personal data

    1. Users may inquire, copy, apply for change, or review personal data belonging to them. If users are not yet verified by themselves or before the company has verified that they are who they claim to be, users shall not apply for inquiry, copy, review, or change of personal data and account services not belonging to their account. If the application is not included in the above circumstances, the user shall provide relevant personal data and written information when necessary, so that the company can assist in handling the operation procedures.

    2. Users may request to stop collecting, processing, using or deleting personal data belonging to them. Once the services are stopped or personal data is deleted, users will not be able to continue to use the platform services.

    3. The company shall have the right to refuse the user's request to change, delete or modify personal data on his / her own initiative when it is detrimental to the major interests of the state, the performance of statutory duties by public authorities, collection agencies, or third parties.

    4. Users can choose whether to provide personal data to the company. If users refuse to provide personal data, they will not be able to register as members of the company, receive relevant information and services provided by the company, or obtain relevant activities or marketing information.

  4. IV. Security of personal data

    1. To protect the privacy of users, the company will provide necessary technologies and measures to protect personal data.

    2. The user's personal data, registered account number and password shall be kept properly to avoid leakage.

    3. The user's credit card data shall be kept properly to avoid illegal use by others.

    4. The user agrees that the information provided when he/she is registered as a user of this policy is consistent with the true situations. If the user finds that his/her personal data has been illegally used or has any abnormality, he/she shall notify the company immediately.

    5. The user agrees that when using the platform services, the information provided and used is legal and does not infringe the rights of third parties, violate the third-party agreement or involve any illegal act. In case of any damage to the third party caused by the use of the service, the company shall not be liable for compensation except for the intentional or gross negligence of the company.

  5. V. Revision of privacy protection policy

    1. The company will update this policy from time to time and comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China on privacy and personal data protection.

    2. This policy forms part of the terms of service.

    3. If the user does not agree to any terms of this policy or the content of any modification, please stop using the platform service immediately.

  6. VI. Contact us

    If you have any questions about this policy or matters related to personal data protection, please contact us at 【】, and we will reply as soon as possible.